Salam Ramadhan

1:16:00 PM

This Ramadhan, my parents has decided to leave all of us behind, while they go for their 5Xth honeymoon at the beautiful island in the Phillipines : Palawan. 

It's also my first Ramadhan with Mr as husband and wife. Just before the Ramadhan, I spent some time thinking of the right routine for the Ramadhan, what time should I wake up, should I go to sleep after sahur or just stay up and head straight to work, what time should i leave office to ensure that I have enough time to cook for buka, when should I read the Quran, when should I do the Tahajjud, should I wake up and cook for Sahur (being too ambitious here hihi) and then when the time comes...I didn't even bother to follow any of the routines. I decided to just go with the flow (an excuse for being malas? hmmm..)

For instance, I didn't attend any Terawikhs in the mosque for the past two days. Truth is, it has never been a practice in my family before, thus its something new that I'd like to try.

However, I attended Subuh prayers at the USJ9 Al-Falah surau today, read some Quran, and stayed back to listen to Subuh tazkirah.

Both days, I failed to stay up after Sahur and ended up sleeping back after Subuh prayers. I don't know how this is going to be during working days. I'm just too sleepy after that! Maybe I need like 5-10 mins nap. Or maybe I just need to sleep earlier.

Tahajjud - I guess this will happen when I decide to wake up slightly earlier for Sahur.

Cooking for sahur? - Err...I think I'll put that aside first at the moment...

Cooking for buka - YES this one I'd LOVE too, hopefully I don't get too caught up in work that I leave the office late. I used to look forward on what to cook everyday during the fasting month when I was studying in Sydney.....teringin teringin, google resepi, masak, makan...puas!

I'm lucky to still be staying with my parents where there's a maid to assist with all these cooking, prepare and wake us up for sahur. But someday, when we move to our own house, I will need to do this on my own. With children around, I also need to prepare them for nursery/school, and then I need to head to the office and also later on, prepare dinner for the whole family. There will also be other daily house chores which I need to do. I know Mr will assist me but the responsibility is really on me.

I RESPECT WORKING MOTHERS - and I hope that I will be able to cope with that too as time comes.

I'm slowly fitting in, improving myself, in carrying out my responsibility as a wife..and I will also slowly do that to when being a mother, insyaAllah.

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims...may we all strive to be better this month, and also keep it going for the coming months too :)

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