Lamb Curry for Dinner!

8:19:00 PM

I'm feeling much much better today. After 2 days of throwing out everything I ate, doctor gave me the rest of the day yesterday to rest and gain back some energy. I came back home, slept for 3 hours straight. Woke up and forced myself to eat.

It was really really hard for me to eat. I had to chew the bread slowly and then forced them through my throat. And it didn't feel nice at all! After one bite, I rest for a few seconds, then I had another bite. After 5 bites, I stopped. Drank 100Plus to restore back all the energy lost, and then had some more rest. I was very very weak. All that time, I said to myself  "Is this how its going to be the coming month? How do I cope with this?" Whatever it is, I had to force myself to eat, for me and the baby!

However, thank God, I gained back my appetite during dinner and so I ate whatever I can take, drank all the fluids that I've lost and today, I woke up feeling much much better. I had the energy to go through the day at work smoothly. Alhamdulillah!

I even had the crave to eat kari daging that the minute we reached home around 6pm today, I went to the kitchen and cooked it rightaway! We had lamb curry for dinner today! Hah amik kauuuu!

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