Tania's Bachelorette Dinner @ Top Hat Restaurant

6:25:00 PM

It's the wedding season yo! In just this coming two weeks, two of my closest cousins will be getting married! Next week, there'll be three consecutive wedding events in three days!

Another bridal shower was held last weekend, and this time , it's my cousin's Tania. Me and Tania have gone a looooong way back. We went to the same kindergarten, same primary school, same high school, and although we didn't attend the same university, we both studied in Australia. At that time, she was also dating a Sydney friend of mine, so I see her often too. We share the same group of friends. We share our boyfriend stories and now, just after 4 months of my marriage, she's next! (Our moms initially suggested that we both marry on the same date to save their money...errr..???)

The story behind this bridal shower is this:

Last week, I bbm-ed Tania, asking her if there's gonna be any bachelorette party and she replied, "NO! Everyone's too busy and no one wants to do it for me. It's okay, I'll organize one for myself,"

And then a few days after, I received an sms from our friend inviting us to attend Tania's Black & Gold Bachelorette party at Top Hat Restaurant in KL. Turns out that she really did sort-of organize one for herself! She told our friend that she wanted to have some fun with the girls and suggested the place and theme and all, and then waaalaaa! It was on.

Meet gorgeous Tania

Fatin & Yameen

All of us (incl. the bride to be!) showing off our artistic side by writing notes for the bride to be that will be bind into a scrapbook. 

All of us in the private function room at Top Hat Restaurant. 

Me and Dirah. We too, have known each other like forever!

Meet Inaaz. The owner of all these photos. Hihi.

All photos courtesy of Inaaz ;)

Can't wait for this Saturday! Its going to be Tania's BIG DAY! :D

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