How did the idea of Zaahara came about.

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Me and Mr lately have been on a journey exploring and learning more about our religion...and along the way, we were introduced to this:

It is such a beautiful book written about our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that was recommended by my Father-In-Law. It tells the story of Muhammad in such a BEAUTIFUL way that gets me glued to it and wondered, "Why didn't anyone recommend this before???" 

My father-in-law also recommended three other TOP books on the prophet, which are not widely available at the bookshops here in Malaysia. When I go to MPH or Borders, the books on Islam are mostly written in Malay and locally written. Not to say that these books aren't good, but I've tried reading them, and only a handful gets to me. Maybe its just not my kind of books, they way its being written and all. When I asked for some other popular english titles, they're either not available, or available by order only. 

So anyways, enough on the english islamic books. Then on, we found many many more interesting discoveries : good english translations of the Quran, qiblat watches, islamic children books, modern maher-zain-alike nasheed songs, natural health remedies as practiced by our prophets, travel telekungs, beautiful full-body-covered kaftans, movies, islamic fashion, etc etc etc. We realized that..ISLAM IS THE WAY OF LIFE. . 

As humans move forward, so did islamic products, evolving to suit the modern lifestyle. However disappointingly, majority of the Malaysians are still conservative when it comes to living the Muslim life. We're soo up to date on western technologies & fashions but we tend to stick to ajaran nenek moyang when it comes to Islam, in which most of them are actually customs (adat) instead of religion practices. We don't seek for more. Its either we're ignorant or that we're unaware or that there is insufficient marketing done.

Me and Mr. are both still learning, and there's just sooo much more beautiful Islamic contents out there that we'd like to share.. 

Zaahara's mission is to share and  promote QUALITY Islamic products. We hope to instill the LOVE OF ISLAM in the hearts of Young Muslims by bringing CHOSEN quality products from Malaysia and also various parts of the world. 

For a start, we've started with our very own product,by repackaging and rebranding Sidr honey imported from Yemen, and we'll be introducing other good products along the way. 

Just so you know, Zaahara is actually my middle name, with and extra 'A', hihi ;) 

We realized that some of the items have been in the market for the past 10 years or so and are really really hard to find, and even when found, they don't have many stocks left (some even stop production!) Thus some of these limited items will only come in small quantities - its either you get it or you don't.. at all! Some of the items will be continuously restocked. 

We will also be sharing interesting articles & talks held here in Malaysia that we will be stumbling upon along the way. 

We invite you to be apart of us too. Support us and like our Facebook Page!

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