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The last time I've completed reading the whole book of Quran (khatam) was when I was 11 years old. After that, I read the Yasin every week (due to weekly school religious activities) and randomly the Quran (maybe 3 times a year?).

During my recent Umrah trip, I felt some calmness when reading the Quran and ever since that, I've been trying to make it a habit to read it everyday here back home. However, I fail miserably. Up till today, I still haven't completed the first surah.

An aunty of mine told me this: "Try reading the Quran everyday for 2 weeks, and then notice the differences. After that, try stopping for a'll notice the effects of reading the Quran. Ada mukjizatnya..."

I have never given that a try. I should. I really should.

Today, I read somewhere on Tumblr that during this month of Rejab and Syaaban, we should try reading the Quran, at least a page a day, or even half-a-page a day...and take it as a practice towards the Ramadhan month. Come Ramadhan, try reading 1 Juzu' (chapter) per day..and by 30 days, you can then khatam the Quran, insyaAllah..."

Hmmm. Maybe I should try that....JOM? JOM!

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Allahumma bariklana fi Rajab, wa Syaaban, wa ballighnia Ramadhan.
“O Allah bless us in Rajab and Sha`bān and enable us to reach Ramadan!”

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