Teambuilding Weekend

5:11:00 PM

Last Wednesday, I was all mentally prepared to be separated from Mr for the first time since we got married. I was going to attend my department's teambuilding session during the weekend.

Then on Thursday, the committee members called me up and asked me if Mr is free and would like to join the trip as an official photographer...FOC but with accomodation, meals and transportation all included. Hello?!?! Of course!

So last weekend, we got our 4th free honeymoon, and not even 2 months married! Firstly was 2-nights stay at Hard Rock Penang, right after our reception. Then, a trip to Kelantan for a friend's wedding, which we got free 2 nights stay at a beach house (thanks to Qilah's aunty), and then came the 2 weeks stay in Mekkah & Madinah, including one special night stay at the Abraj tower overlooking the Haraam masjid, and then now free 2 NIGHTS STAY AT GRAND LEXIS PORT DICKSON BAYBEHH! Syukur Alhamdulillah...semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki sebegini.

Grand Lexis Port Dickson is literally GRAND. We got the water chalet unit all to ourselves, which comes with two king size beds and a jacuzzi with some parts of the floor being transparent which to me, is pretty awesome (got me kiddish and excited hihi). Some of my colleagues got the room with their own personal small swimming pool in their room - which is even more awesome!

That was my first team building ever since I started working. We were divided into groups and had to compete each other on the most creative cheer. We also had to perform on the last night there - in which I was surprised to see the bosses making a fool of themselves! Hehehe cool sgt boss boss saya.

Here are some pictures taken by Mr. during the event:

"Aku Hijau, Aku Hijau, Aku Hijau!"

With my GREEN team

Masterchef competition - looking at the chef's demo

Masterchef Competition - Chef showing how to do a crepe mixture

Teamwork baybehh 

Cooking outcome #01

Cooking Outcome #02

Me and my MC partner - look at my dikir barat attire

Laughing Out Loud!

My group's dikir barat performance

The whole department! 

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