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A year ago I made an attempt to quit smoking and managed to actually quit for 50 days. Well, I thought I had won the battle but no! I made a wrong move by smoking a ciggie when I was out for an office trip with my colleagues. I thought a stick wouldn't effect my cravings but I was wrong. I once again become a smoker from there on.

I was told by my mother in law to quit smoking when I was engaged with her daughter. She asked me to promise to quit and I said I'll try to quit 2 months after marriage and yet, I was still smoking and it furiates her badly. I asked myself should I continue making someone angry or should I quit. Ok, if i quit because of her, I will tend to smoke again isn't it? Then its not about her. I've always wanted to quit. Well, whatever it is, smoking is not good. It's NOT COOL either. So for whatever reason it may be, I just ought to quit!

Well, I told Mrs that I will smoke the last ciggie on my birthday which was on 15th April. So from 16th of April to 18th of April, I have managed to stop. 3 days it is. So now my target is to complete the whole week of not smoking. All the best Mr! That's how I keep telling myself.

"I am stronger than The Great Wall of China".

All the best to you guys who is trying to quit as well. Let's keep on supporting each other.

A few things that I learned from the past failure:-

1) keep the mind occupied with something else;
2) DO NOT TALK ABOUT CIGARETTE. the concept is simple. e.g. You break up with your partner and you keep on talking about your x. Doesn't that means you missing him/ her? Being ignorant is the key.;
3) Do not tell the whole world you are quitting. The more people knows you are quitting, the more they'll try to bring you down. Logic behind this is smokers will not support their friends to quit as they themselves are unable to quit;
4) Drink more plain water. Less coffee, less sugar. This will detox your body and flush out the bad chemicals inside your body;
5) Eat less as well. When we eat less, the less we want to smoke. (this is just me trying to diet as well);
6) Pray and pray. By increasing our spiritual, we will not be tempted to smoke. (again, this is just something that I'm trying to do at the moment).

Well, I'll keep on posting about the progress and let's see if I can beat the crave to smoke for real this time.

May God be with me this time. Amen.

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  1. cigarretes addiction is far worst than other drugs e.g benzos , ecstasy etc etc , that's what some say.

    That's because cigarrette attached to a receptor in the brain far more than others,,

    In simple words, when u smoke, ur brain remembers it 10x then when u take other sorts of addiction.

    Hence, it is far more difficult to stop. Even after 10 yrs of stopping, does not mean u win the battle.

    All the best !! courage is what it takes and determination , insyaAllah u'll be ok ;)My MR has stopped for months alhamdulillah, but I am still worried.. because of the above fact said.

  2. Now that explains why even after 50days, just 1 stick of ciggie reminded his brain of the cigarette that he's back to his old habit.

    Hopefully with a better environment and focus this time around, it will last insyaAllah.

    Good to hear that you MR has managed to quit too!

  3. quitting ciggie is the start of a life battle. overcoming it will trigger the brain for more challenging battles. I agree there is no such thing as winning for the smokers who quits as they still have the tendency to fall one day. Its just the spirit that will ensure the journey continues. Saying much brings nothing. Less talk, less thinking, move on. That's the philosophy which I am adopting.


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