My period was late but the pregnancy test showed negative.

9:35:00 AM

My period was late but the pregnancy test showed negative. Every morning, I wake up wondering, "Where are you big P??". No matter how busy I am, there will be that 5seconds of worrying about why I'm late. I know there's nothing much to be worried about but I just can't help it. I even went to see a doctor for a check up and he said that there's just nothing wrong. "Urghhhhh then why am I not getting my period?? Why ooooo why...."

"Stop worrying. Stop wondering. All that will only prolong your menstrual coming..." said Mr.

The past two weeks have been crazy for me. I cry every single day for the most ridiculous reasons. I get mad easily. Mr kept on saying..."Ish... you're just weird these days.. oh no! you're crying again!" and then I'll start laughing back. He even warned my parents, "Don't disturb the tiger...melenting nanti.."

It was as though the PMS hormones were being suppressed,  or like they're really really mad that the big P has not come yet. And of course, after some reading on the internet, there's also that thought in my head.."What if I AM pregnant? But it just doesn't show yet? And if I am, what if I'm not eating right? What if all this gym can cause miscarriage..." and the ridiculous what ifs thoughts just goes on and on and on making me more stressed up.

Then I tell myself to relax. I take some deep breaths, watch some TV..and the stupid thoughts come again. Urgh.

Then last night, you can imagine how relieved I was to know that my menstrual finally came..after 17 days late. Yay. I'm N-O-R-M-A-L.

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