Mr's Birthday Wish Granted!

12:12:00 AM

About this time last year, Mr told me about his dream of siting in a Ferrari.

"Kan best kalau I ada kawan yang boleh I tumpang...duduk je pun takpe. I just want to sit in it, feel and dream..that one day, me too, can afford that kind of car..."

"Eh! That can happen! My aunty in Brunei's got a Ferarri!..."

And so, just last weekend, during Mr's 29th birthday, his wish came true. We went for a short weekendvgetaway in Brunei. Not only did he sit on the Ferarri, he was also driven in a Lambo. 

At the end of the trip, he said..

"I'm gonna work hard dear.. for you and our future kids..One day, I will buy the Ferarri cash, without worrying about debts to the bank..I will be a good successful Muslim...insyaAllah dear. Let's pray that Allah will always be by our side, and we will always remember Him, even if he lends us billions of money here in dunia.."

I'm glad he got his wish granted..syukur Alhamdulillah! :)

Who says dreams don't come true? He wanted to sit in a Ferrari, and he got it. Who knows whats next right? Work towards your dreams ...and if Allah wills, he will grant you.

“Mimpi adalah kunci untuk kita menaklukkan dunia..berlarilah tanpa lelah..sampai engkau meraihnya.....” ― Nidji (OST Laskar Pelangi)

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