Being thankful to Almighty

7:58:00 AM

How many of us strive to be a good muslims? We all are created and designed to have big dreams such as big cars, nice house, branded clothes, loads of cash etc. How many desired to wake up late at night for Tahajud? How many of us take 5-10 minutes to pray Duha? Or how many of us actually pray 5 times a day? Ask yourself.

I have big dreams. I'm a dreamer, always has been. But a dream without hardwork, is useless.

As a human being, I can lie for all the desires that I have. Sometimes, I envy those people who has such fantastic cars, great jobs, big house etc. Compared to me, I have none of those. Comparing me and the street beggars, I am far away better. Comparisons will lead to temptations and there is borderline between being grateful and being greedy.

Have we ever say Thanks to Almighty for whatever we have or we keep on saying we are great when we get what we want? Can we spare some time to pray 2 rakaats of prayer when we receive something great? We say thanks to our boss when we receive praises, promotions etc. Wouldn't God love the people who remembers Him for whatever things He has given?

Being good is not easy. It is a behavior. A well desired behavior. A few simple ways of being good is by emulating the akhlak of Rasulullah. Smile, charity, being good to parents, maintaining a good language and always think of others before yourself. Simple. Start being simple and realistic. InsyaAllah, God will help us to be a better muslims.

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