Acting? No thank you.

2:08:00 PM

Last week, I was called to attend a 2-days video shoot for our company's corporate video. I was lucky that there were no scripts involved. We just had to pretend and act them out as there will be a narration throughout the video.

In order to make it look 'international', there were scenes shot in a chinese restaurant, as if we were in China.

We also had to wait for the weather to be gloomy, and put on really thick jackets - as if it was winter..(and I was sweating all over inside!!).

We went up the escalator and back down and up again, holding files and folders while talking bulls**t.

We pretended to attend a market review meeting when all we really did was open up Draw Something on iPad and showing each other our drawing skills.

I had to go up and down the stairs with Josh, repeating the same questions and finally ending the final round with " many more time should I ask you this..What are you up to this weekend?"

Make up artists just pop out of nowhere with brushes in their hands, touching up our faces. Imagine talking to a friend and then suddenly, a person comes straight to your face and starts brushing and drawing things on your face and then suddenly move away.... randomly funny.

Scenes were repeated over and over again, because we were either walking to fast, or looking too stiff, or not smiling, or simply because they needed scenes from different camera angles.

Although tiring, I had fun though, and it was quite an experience! However, it was also an assurance that I will never ever take up these video/movie acting, hihi.

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