13 Rules of becoming a better employee

7:28:00 PM

This is what I wrote on last Monday morning when I opened up my office computer. I figured out a way of my becoming a better employee and print it out and stick on my cubicle. Might be useful to some others who seeks for aspirations towards becoming a better employee.

13 Rules of becoming a better employee.

1.      Put away facebook/ twitter during working hours 
2.      Minimize internet surfing
3.      Less emailing unnecessarily
4.      Spend less time talking on the phone unless if required so
5.      Less mingling/ gossiping with colleagues
6.      Stop smoking
7.      Plan the work accordingly
8.      Strategies the work. The best defense is to attack. Get ready for people to ask questions.
9.      Emulate someone who is good at work. Try to be better than he is
10.    Wear nice clothes to work. Nice clothes will lead to confidence
11.    Do product/ market research regularly
12.    Have own file for easy reference
13.    Minimize spending time with vendors – strictly business. RESPECT is to be earned.

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