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We all wanna be a better person, everyday. But it's never easy. Change is never easy. It always comes with challenges to test our strength.

There will always be that old environment,that old habit, that needs to be chucked out before you can start building new environments and new habits.

I think we both, me and Mr, are trying our very best to be better and instill new habits. We've been trying to reach to the office sharp at 8.30am but only manage to achieve that just once last week. Today, we decided to fast and so we woke up for Sahur but then we failed miserably waking up again and reached the office at 9.30am. Oh my.

Once, Mr. tried waking up for Tahajjud and he missed his Fajr prayers instead - adoyai.

We've been trying to make sure that we pray 5 times a day and alhamdulillah, well achieved, until the weekend - we missed two Salahs - due to what else other than sleeping - masyaAllah.

Our room is untidy - and its just a room! I don't know how I'm gonna manage tidying a house. Folded clothes are not being put in the cupboard right away, but left in the laundry box.

We're both trying to be better children to both, our parents, and parents-in-law, and its been ok so far, without denying the minor hiccups here and there. I guess that both sides are adapting to this too - when to let go, when to advice, when to get involved, where is the line ,what to expect.

I think we are slowly adapting to this new life and also sharing our lives - the responsibilities and the routines.

Oh. In achieving that balance.

May Allah ease our journey.

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