On Yusuf Estes & Hidayah

11:53:00 PM

Jews, Christians, Muslims... despite the differences in believing certain 'book' or certain prophet, we all pray to the same God.

Yusuf Estes, who used to be a strong active American Christian preacher, believed in God and that Jesus is the son of God. He prayed, EVERY single day, that God brings him closer to Jesus and to God..This one time, he was on a strong mission to convert a Muslim to Christian, but he found Islam instead. He is now known as Sheikh Yusuf Estes, a popular dakwah speaker - you can find him all over the internet.

What I'm trying to point out here is, we seek for guidance (hidayah) and Allah chooses who He wants to give his guidance (hidayah) to. A muslim who doesn't pray and doesn't ask for guidance (hidayah) from God is pretty much at the same level with the non-muslims who pray to God (the same God) and seek for Hidayah. With God's will, the non-muslim's prayers will be answered, and he embraces Islam, being like that white piece of cloth- new-born innocent Muslim with all his/her pasts erased. While the non-practicing Muslim will still be a Muslim-by-name, with a black cloth now, and his fate in the hereafter (akhirat) still unsure.

We shouldn't look down at non-Muslims, thinking and confident that we'll get a higher place in the akhirat just because we're Muslims. At any single second, Allah can bring them higher than where we are.  We are all at the same level, seeking for the truth, seeking for the Hidayah.

Always always remember to pray and ask Allah for Hidayah - only Hidayah can bring us to the right straight path.

May this video of Yusuf Estes inspire us. He told the Christian, if you truly want to understand Islam, don't bother reading articles/watching videos on the internet. Just learn arabic and read the Quran.

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