The Hijab Part II

11:28:00 PM

I've started wearing the hijab again. This time around, I'm trying my best to cover up arms fully, meaning no 3-quarter sleeve. And am also slowly progressively trying to cover my chest (breast) area - unless if i'm wearing something loose.

Since this is my second attempt, I already know the styles of hijab that I like and the way to wear them - very simple-lah! The only problem I have is the lack of long sleeve casual shirts and comfy long pants. Hmm...I'm seeing some holes in the pocket developing soon!

I remember when I first wanted to start wearing the hijab about a year ago, I was conscious on what people would think of me. I decided on 2 days notice that I was going to TRY to wear the hijab and surprisingly lasted for about 6 months or so. However, my surrounding wasn't right at that moment..CORRECTION.. I was the one who was not at the right state of mind at that moment. I knew that I wanted to wear the hijab but I wasn't mentally strong and prepared...and I gave up easily.

I once related to a friend on me taking off the hijab and he said, "You know that when you're trying to be better, syaitan will try to beat you stronger, with all sort of challenges.." and at that moment I knew that I failed facing those challenges. I gave in.

Oh well. Past is the past.

This time around, I am more calm with the hijab, I feel at peace. Alhamdulillah. Mr has also been such a supportive partner, always telling me that I look pretty in hijab. Sometimes, that is all that matters, that when your husband says that you look good, you couldn't be bothered with what everyone else say.

"Aik? You're wearing the hijab again?"

"I don't get it.. one time you were not wearing it, and then you wore your scarf, you open it back..and then you're back on?"

"Are you wearing this because you're married? Did your husband force you to?"

"Are you wearing this because you just came back from Umrah?"

And ALL these questions came from the non-muslims..many were curious. As for the Muslims, most of them just smiled and some said "Alhamdulillah.."...only God knows what's in their head! I really hope they mean good! Hihi.

My usual answer..

"Yes... my second attempt.. I'm gonna try this again..", and then they wish me luck.

Honestly, this is not my second attempt. This is no more an attempt but for real. May Allah ease this and give me strength to overcome whatever challenges that the syaitan may give me in putting on the hijab.

When they ask me if I'm doing this because I just came back from Mekkah, I tell them "No..I'm wearing it because it is an obligation as a Muslim.." because that is the fact....

Wearing the hijab (covering the aurat), just like salah (solat) is not an is an obligation.

taken from Budu dan Belacan

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  1. Yosh! aritu mummyang ada beli baju longsleeve blouse.... emma xmuat... so die kasi balik kat i...thing is, i ada the exact same baju... agak2 u r smaller than emma ke?


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