Wedding Preparations

3:29:00 PM

So, the engagement is in a few days. What planned to be something simple has now turned out to be 'not-so-simple' anymore. Both my parents come from large-size family that just their siblings + partner comprizes almost 30 guests already. And that doesn't include my cousins + neighbours.

The preparation for the engagement seems to be pretty manageable. Every week, we try to tick the items in the 'to-do' list, try to fit in small items where ever possible instead of spending the whole weekend on just preparation.

We didn't want to engaged for too long, thus our wedding day is only a few months away. Preparation now concentrates more on the wedding event itself.

Throughout the preparation, I realized that I like things to be simple but that I am NOT a simple person. I get fussy on the smallest detail - not too colourful, not too bright, not too grand, no pelamin, no roses, no tent, no gold jewelry, no red lipstick - and the list goes on. 

I sometimes pity my family in trying to satisfy my needs and at the same time, try meeting up their own needs. We sometimes shout at each other and then laugh about it minutes later. Numerous phone calls and discussions everyday.

When I feel like certain things may not go my way, I also believe that there are certain things that may not go my parents or Mr's way. Its a give and take situation. I constantly remind myself that the wedding isn't just about me and mr - but much bigger than that. At the end of the day, the only thing I want is to be married to him. Mr always reminds me "We should worry more about the journey after the wedding - how do we want to bring up our family, how do we want to manage ourselves financially. Look ahead."

I've never really had a dream wedding in my head - thus a lot of things are simpler to plan. No expectations that needs to be met. No disappointments.

All in all, Alhamdulillah, segala urusan semuanya dipermudahkan. Harap-harap beginilah sampai ke hari perkahwinan. I don't want to end up being a bridezilla! ;)

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