On Wedding Make-Up

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////// Note: I've written a Part II (post-wedding) of this post here 

Here's the thing about wedding make up - or make up generally. It should compliment and touch up your face. It shouldn't make you a different person.

I visited a booth at a wedding exhibition held in Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) last 2 weeks. This guy was showing me pictures of how magical their make up effect is - "We can make you look like a model!". True enough, some of the pictures they showed were shocking, like really magical! The girls look soooo pretty! I even thought this Malay lady was a Chinese - thanks to the effect of foundation - yes somehow we naturally want to look fairer, while the fair ones wants to get a tan. But really, that is not what I want. I want to look like myself - maybe a bit fresh looking, less oily face - but certainly to look like the original me. I don't want darker/lighter skin or fake longer eye lashes.

I've been recommended to a lot of make up artists here in Malaysia. Ayang Kamell, Sue Cantik, Ezral Nordin - all with different specialties.

Ayang Kamell is popular for his eye make-up:

Sue Cantik is known for her make-up and also her tudung skills: 

But all I want is just is to look as natural as possible. No dark eye make up. No fake eyelashes. No super thick foundation. All I want is this:

And then, you may ask, so why do you need to put make up on if you want to look natural then? Haha. That's just a question that only a girl can answer. 

So anyways. Normal professional make up charges can be around rm800 - rm1500. Ayang Kamell quoted me rm800 for engagement make up. Sue Cantik charges rm1000 for per session of make up - engagement/wedding. Shahidah charges me rm1000. 

I told myself, that I didn't want to spend that much for an engagement.

For engagement, I managed to get a friend's (Fiza) cousin, Nadia Anuar, to do my make up. Her usual charges are around rm450 - but because I told her I don't want smokey eyes effect and that I have short hair so no hair styling is needed, and also that I want very very light make up - she charged me way cheaper, Alhamdulillah :D

I have also secured Sue Cantik for my solemnization. I also need to inform her on how I want the make up to be - I've been told that she's really good - so insyaAllah she can suit my taste. I just wanna make sure that my tudung looks good too! 

As for my reception. I'll probably stick to Nadia Anuar. I'll look at how the engagement make up goes, if all good, I'll stick to her. Just simple light make up. I don't want to be spending too much on make ups. 

Hoping that everything will turn out good! :) :) :)

"Princess Kate does her own make up! You should do yours, yourself too! Free je..." said Mr. 
Ceit! Make up - something men will never understand. 

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