How "I BUILD" My Own BioSand Filter (BSF) - #FailEngineer

3:08:00 PM

..I've been procrastinating to start the experiments for my Master's Mini Thesis - and then last weekend I woke up in the morning and told myself, "Argghhh...Let's just do this!" 

So I started off with preparing the materials:

...and then I realized that I didn't know how to make a hole on the PVC pipe! There's a driller there but I'm not sure how to make a hole that can fit the pipe perfectly!

I saw some construction workers who were on their break from our house renovation work, and asked for their help instead! Teee Heeeee ;)

"Don't forget to focus, you'll need to report this in your thesis!"

Cut the pvc pipe using a pipe saw.

After fitting in the elbow and 15mm pipe in the hole, make sure you silicone the connect area to avoid leakage.

And then it's done!

 So, that's how "I BUILD" my own BSF - thank you Wak Indo! :D :D :D

Maybe, they should get the Masters certificate instead...Hmmmm....

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