What? A new toy? AGAIN?

3:34:00 PM

So in September, Mr. bought himself a new toy right? only ONE month ago right?

Then last 2 weeks, he enjoyed himself in Bali.. lalalala.. and then, he lost it! He 'accidentally' left it at the counter! Like seriously, who 'accidentally' leaves a ONE month old RM2000 Samsung Galaxy Tab??  Like its a RM2 pen??

To make matters worst, he told his parents about it, got some 'adult' scolding, or more like a reminder, and then he magically worked his way out, and then just last night, "he" got himself a new iPad? Like seriously?!?

Look at how happy he is!! 

Such a spoiled brat. Oh God, please tell me I'm marrying the right man here! 

Now lets get him a GPS tracking system for this new toy.

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  1. lol!!!! guys and their toys...
    Look at the bright side...
    at least korang can face time! :p


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