What If I Wake Up One Day & Realize That....?

4:05:00 PM

Most of my friends have gone through this dark phase in life, and then suddenly appreciate this other brighter side of it. They've partied hard, enjoyed limitlessly, and then they decide that they're done with all that and settle down.

Some of us don't go through life to the extremes. I for instance, have been going through life moderately, within the grey area. Not too goody-goody and not too naughty as well.

I've always been happy the way I am, the way I live. I'm happy at how moderate and well-balanced my life is. I have never really wanted to try to 'fit-in' or 'blend' in with the crowd, no matter how diverse they are from me.

But I can't help but wonder: Do we really have to go through that extreme phase in life? Everyone seems to be going through it that and there's thoughts in my head, wondering,  "What if I wake up one day and realize that I haven't live life to the fullest? That I haven't experience all that life has to offer? That I suddenly go out partying at the age of 40?" That would be crazy!

I hope if I do wake up with a sudden thought in my head, the thought would be:

"Is Allah satisfied?"


"What have you invested in this life for your afterlife?"

Hah take that yo! Heeeee ;)

Life is a balancing act.

via Up In The Stars

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