Muslim Solemnization - in the mosque or at home?

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These past few days, me and mr. have been discussing on whether to have our solemnization done at home or in the mosque.

He prefers the mosque as he wants to start this new journey of ours in a place very much blessed and loved by Allah. He says that in the mosque, people will automatically be well-behaved, and well-dressed; i.e: respect the blessed occasion. Mosque also has a bigger space where more people can witness the ceremony, instead of guests viewing the event through screens.

“I wanna do the solat (prayer) sunat after the solemnization in the mosque, and then after that I want us both to solat hajat together, as a husband and a wife, with me as your imam..and then after that we can celebrate with whichever tradition we want, doesn’t bother me much..” he says.

To tell you the truth, I was deeply touched with that statement.  Like wow… he’s such a man! Hehe.

However, yes, there’s always a but…

There’s that concern on menstruating women entering the mosque – whether its haram? What if I’m the one menstruating? Can I not witness by husband being wed to me?

There’s also that concern on people not dressing well/behaving well in the mosque; some still showing off their aurat or laughing out loud, due to either ignorance or due to lack of knowledge on adab masjid.

There’s also that debate that says that Rasulullah S.A.W doesn’t agree with solemnization being conducted in mosques as it is a place for Muslims to pray and not to conduct other occasions; i.e: sell goods/food/drinks, announce death, conduct khatam quran etc.

And after all, there’s really nothing wrong with solemnizing at home right? More merrier it seems?

Some say certain mosques have special places for solemnization where women are allowed to enter?

Lagi berkat di rumah ataupun di masjid?

Please share with me your opinions on this. Share with me links/articles on this matter. 

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