What I've learned from my recent Bali Trip

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Recently, I went to Bali for the second time as my photography buddy paid the ticket for me. I went there with two others friends of mine.  Both have never been to Bali and were excited to see what Bali is all about. 

Throughout the trip, I discovered a few things:
  • I always want to change others when I really don't need to. - Hey, I just noticed that people don't need to be changed unless if they require any. Accept people the way they are and we will appreciate their existence;

  • Everyone who believes in religion will never be shy to pray. Looking at the Hindu's there, they pray at any places. Why should we be ignorant when others do bow to their God?;

  • Party never ends. Someone who loves to party will not realize how different life is to compared with normal people who enjoy their life in a different manner. There's a lot of ways to enjoy our life ; Food, travelling, reading books, charity etc. getting pissed and high on drugs is just a way of life which shouldn't be practiced;

  • Young people tend to be rebellious if we control them. What we should do is to educate them on the life and let them decide. Human nature, we control because we are afraid but if we let go our fear, it will be much better;

  • One of the best ways to connect to people is to be a good listener;

  • Sometimes we need to look at others as they might be our mirror;

  • Self-reflection is good as it shows how good or bad we are;

  • Change is a process. If you fail today, keep on trying to change as you'll add on experience and values to your life;

  • The most respected person is someone that can live up to their values. They don't leave the society just because they are changing but they instill and believe that their values will eventually be the eye openers to others;

  • Respect others and share the love with others and you'll be blessed.

In conclusion, whatever that has happened in our life, don't ever regret it. Enjoy and let's take a small step to ask ourselves why are we on earth. There's a reason for that and from there, anything we want to do will be done in a different manner.

p/s: I've always wanted to change all my life but unable to follow through. Why? Is it because of too many things that I want to change or is it because for the purpose of making other people see it?

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