My Juice: You May Be The Judge But You May Not Always Be Right

10:09:00 AM

I wrote this in my previous blog: October 2009. Just thought of re-sharing.

I dislike it when people judge me for what my parents have earned. Saya rasa tak senang hati.

I remember growing up, sitting in the co-drivers seat of our old volkswagen, with built in fan(because installing air-con was too expensive) and my side of the door opens at roundabouts.
I remember that me and Eiman were allowed to buy one or two koko-jelly's per visit to Giant Supermarket (those Kit Kat's and Cadbury Chocs were a big no no).  I remember how me and Eiman, slept together with my parents in my dad's new office (which only had one staff) and how we had to colour the building plans/drawings for potential clients (we were taught to become engineers from small haha). I remember how excited we were, jumping up and down, when my dad brought back a new proton saga, "Yay! Kereta ni sejuk lah, ada air-cond!"

I can also remember, that at those moments, I was very very happy. I didn't realize that it was a hard journey for my parents. Until when they told me when I was a little grown up. Then only it all makes sense. (I also found out that we were staying in Brunei because my dad couldn't get a job in Malaysia due to the 1987 recession - and also explained why he started his own company, since no one wanted to employ him during the recession)

My parents worked really really hard to get where they are now. We don't own 4 BMW's or have a banglo house in Damansara Heights, but alhamdulillah, we're leading a stable life.

So please, don't judge me when I receive money from my parents to spend on travelling, or on books, or on eating out every once in a while. Don't judge me when I'm thinking to put off my career journey for a few months, to appreciate what else life has to offer - that I can afford living with my parents for another year or so (which i'm sure that they're more than happy). Don't judge me when my parents spend money for their children, so that they get to experience life, out of the box.

Seriously, it's not like I'm using their money to buy Calvin Klein jeans, or a Coach bag, or a Tiffany's silver bracelet to wear everyday. (I'm glad that they have also taught me the value of money).

Saya bukannya nak cakap besar. Semua ni rezeki masing-masing. Hidup ni, kadang kala kita kat atas, kadang kala kita kat bawah. Tapi janganlah kita dengki dengan rezeki masing-masing. Semua ni hanyalah sementara sahaja.

Now let me ask you a question, when you have worked really really hard, wouldn't you want to spend those money for your family too? Is it wrong?

Despite all that, I'm also not looking for an easy life when I settle down. I'd like to appreciate life as much as they have, and earn whatever is it that I've worked for. I definitely do not want to financially depend on them anymore. Instead,  I want to repay back my parents for all that they've sacrificed in bringing us up :)

P/S: Tapi kan mama, kalau tolong jagakan cucu, you all tak kisah kan? Hehehe.

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