Someone triggered your anger again?

11:48:00 AM

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This morning, I was walking from the car to my office "lalalalala" and then I received a phone call which triggered my anger. I kept it cool and proceeded on towards my office and then received another phone call which again, pushed my limits and then the series of phone calls and arguments started.

Sometimes when others test your limits, its very hard to keep it cool and get back on the right track. 

Somehow along the way, my head told my ridiculous emotions to "take it easy" and so I remembered some of the tricks I learnt from this motivational training course I attended last 2 weeks.

1. Firstly. Breathe in. Breathe out.Then only can you start thinking.

2. Bring yourself out of your body and be this third person, looking at yourself and the other party arguing. You'll realize how stupid the whole thing is.

2. Now question yourself, what is it that you want out of this argument? You for sure don't want it to go on and on and on, with both parties just saying the nastiest words which will only bring bad impact to each other.

3. Question yourself, why is this happening? Is it a misunderstanding? Always remember that arguments most of the time are due to two parties not seeing things on the same page. We just have to try to look at it from their side and try our best to understand, what is it that is causing this other person to be angry too. Rewind back to the moments on how this started in the first place.

4. Stop blaming the other party and start taking the blame yourself.

5. Think of how you can move on. Stop putting more oil to the fire. Be the water. Say sorry, tone it down, and try solving it realistically instead of emotionally.

6. Remember that not all issues can be resolved right that moment. So cool it down, and talk about it another time, when both are at a better mood. Don't try running away from it, because the issue will alwayus come back.

Of course I didn't manage to handle it all that well but I managed it better this time around as compared to previous times.I also did say some nasty things in which, I regret. We always do that right? Regret for saying the wrong things when we're angry. But I hope this is a good self-reminder. I hope I can handle these arguments better the next time around.

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