My Juice: This post is dedicated to my parents.

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I wrote this in my previous blog: August 2009. Just thought of re-sharing.

As I grow up, I come to understand my parents very well, the reasons behind their every action.

With my mom sometimes calling me up, telling me how worried she is about my two sisters at home; with cases of boyfriends and peer pressure and exam results. I now understand that fall out I once had with my mom. Although we both may not agree how we both handled it; (maybe I was trying TOO hard to show that I was all grown up and me being the eldest, it was her real first ever challenge), I knew that it simply was because she cared.

With my dad telling me his concern on my brother's exam results, and on how he's socializing, managing his time and coping with peers. Which may also explain his ongoing lectures all these while on how life should be more meaningful and how we should always explore our uncomfort zones. (He questions why I should start working so soon when I will be doing that the rest of my life). I've always also admired how much interests my dad puts in my subjects and and how he's always giving encouraging advice on ways to tackle certain problem questions; from physics to thermodynamics.

I have to say, my parents have done a very very good job in bringing us up, and I really admire them for it. It sure was a big challenge (and still is! - it will never end, will it? hehe) I wonder what took me so long to realize this.

My only wish when I get married to my future husband is that I'll be as happy as my parents. I hope that I can bring up my kids as excellent as they've brought up me and my siblings. I want to be there for them whenever they need me, and I want to be involved with my children as much as they have in my life.

I also secretly wish we'll be as loving as they are, even after 23 years of marriage; still going for the uncountable honeymoon getaways and still showing that public display of affection :)
My parents are my idol couple. I pray that my future husband will keep me happy, just like my dad, always putting that smile and laughter on my mom's face.

To papa and mama, I don't think I have thank you before, so I guess this is my way of saying thank you to both of you, for everything. I love you both dearly :)

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  1. Ke mana tumpahnya lauk kalau tak ke nasi :)

    I'm sure u'll do the job of raising a family just as well as your parents did. you have the intentions alreadyy, insya Allah urusan lain akan dipermudah oleh Allah.

    All the best Erin! :)



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