Wedding Ring for a Muslim Man

10:03:00 AM

I've always liked the idea of my future husband wearing a wedding ring. I believe that it avoids fitnah. 

However, didn't like to force the idea into Mr's head, making him think like I don't trust him. So yesterday I asked him, "Do you want a ring too?"

"Hmmm... I don't know lah. What do you think?"

"Up to you lah," (which I should have said what I preferred)

"Actually, I nak lah. Elok sikit, nampak lah dah kahwin,"  Yayyyyyyy.

And then we started talking about Muslim men not allowed to wear certain type of jewelry and what wondered what type of ring do Muslim men wear. We didn't have a clue!

So I got some help from my bestfriend, Google, and confirmed that Muslim men CANNOT wear gold jewelry, which includes white gold. But there are also opinions saying that it's ok if its not 100% gold? White Gold for instance, is not 100% gold. (?!?!?)

To be safe, the options are left to two: Platinum or Silver.

Platinum is long-lasting, easier to care and of course expensive. Platinum is ideal for everyday wear. Silver on the other hand gets tarnish easily and needs to be polished and taken care well. BUT, it is also sunnah nabi.

I'm thinking that it should be a plain simple ring (wedding band) with engraving in the inside.

But at the moment, cannot decide on which to get: Platinum or Silver.

Maybe when we look at the price, then only we'll know? Hihihi.

Not to worry, still have a lot more time to think ;)

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