Is it that important to appear stylish?

9:30:00 AM

Why bother paying so much for a depreciating asset like a car when you can use that extra money investing on an appreciating asset like an apartment? I notice many friends buying expensive cars as their first car, paying high monthly amounts to the bank. Yes, I can afford them too but why spend soooo much at your first car? RM900 - RM1000 per month for your first car? Like seriously?!?

Maybe it's that satisfying feeling of "all that hardwork in uni finally pays off" or that confidence you get when friends or colleagues judge you from the car you drive or for most men, its that sign of stability that they portray to society - to some extend, to woo girls. Maybe its stylo. Maybe their parents pay off most of their down payment, thus lower monthly payments? Maybe they earn much much more than I do! Heeee

I too, dream of driving luxury cars one day but I'd rather buy it when i can really afford it - including being able to save high amounts in the bank. I certainly do not want to be left with only RM300 in the bank every month at the start of my career. The start of my career is the start of my 'money-making' journey. Go to hell with 'gaya' ;p

I prefer to appear normal rather than stylish but instead, owing such high amounts to the bank. Hutang hutang hutang. Pffftttt.

My youngest sister will be taking her driving license as soon as she finishes her SPM papers. Thus the family's yellow bumblebee kelisa will be passed on to her-meaning that its high time for me to start thinking of buying my first car :)

3 months more to go!

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  1. I totally agree with you on that. Hence, my decision to getting a pre-owned car as my 1st BIG purchase.Well, it is quite new. The car was only 1 years old when i bought it.I was quite lucky in that sense.


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