World Cup 2014 Qualifying: Malaysia Vs. Singapore Football

4:36:00 PM

It's amazing to notice that the football ticket is sold out. Amazing! The feeling is so great knowing that Malaysians are ready for hope.

Imagine. 90,000 packed stadium supporting our national team tomorrow. Come on. I believe we can overturn the 2 goals and cruise to third round. Nothing is impossible in football. With the fans cheering for our players, I can expect the team to play with their heart.

I would love if our Malaysian fans tomorrow can wear the national jerseys, bring along the national flags and sing along the chorus sang by Ian and JJ featuring Nadira:

Apart from this song, we can all cheer by chanting Malaysia!Malaysia! Ole, Ole, Malaysia!

Imagine the fun and excitement that we going to have for 1 hour tomorrow. Never have Malaysians support their football team this way before. It has always been England, Brazil, Mancherster United, Liverpool, etc. This is where the changes in our believe system should work. Football unites people. Politics segregate people. So, rather than thinking about the political issues, let's celebrate and show to our PM that we are all 1Malaysia and ready for hope!

Bear in mind, winning or losing is part of the game. Don't hope too much. Continue support Malaysia even if we lose. Trust me. We can one day wake up and be proud of our national team. They can be the catalyst for our hope. Something which we have never thought we would believed in.

Harimau Malaya will roar and crush the so called Lions tomorrow. We will not allow them to walk tall tomorrow! Watch out kiasu. Tomorrow you'll learn a real lesson.

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