1:42:00 AM

Wanted to blog about how wonderful today was but it didnt end that well so now i'm not the mood to write anymore.

Its funny how we are capable of having different seasons in a day.

I know i'm at my worst late late at night. I can be over-dramatic n psycho and suddenly laugh about it the next day. However, despite knowing that fact, i still find it very very hard to just sleep over it.

There's just soo many things in life that doesnt make sense sometimes, and many that does.

Sometimes i dont understand why we cannot be grateful for what we have. Why are we always seeking for more? Why are we always envying on the greener side?

Sooo many people are blinded and misguided by power, money and love. They do stupid illogical things to win something that they believe is theirs. Some dont mind losing their dignity.

We all want what's best for ourselves. But do we really know what's best for us?

Oh well. Just some rawak ramblings in the middle of the night.

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