"This is office and not a playground"

2:07:00 PM

"Ini office laa bukan playground!"/ "This is office and not playground!"

It was darn funny as I heard my friend saying this to his office girlfriend yesterday. I asked him what's up. He said his girlfriend is so funny. Don't know how to distinguish between office and outside. Well, I told him that's the case when someone is dating in the same office.

To me, though my current partner is from the same office, I don't see it as an issue. Why?

  1. I don't treat her any different from any of my friend;
  2. We go out lunch with others as well. Though lately, we spent the time together most of the time;
  3. Any relationship can be triggered at any place. It doesn't matter whether office, gym, bars etc.;
  4. I told her that we are not going to be colleagues forever;
  5. She's my friend and potential soulmate. I don't find it boring to see her as I know I can bully her. Without her, I feel a little bit empty; and
  6. Maybe I'm old enough for the critics. At the end of the day, people can say whatever they want to say. U can listen but u have ur own choice to follow through.
I told my friend to enjoy the moment. Just enjoy the moment as not many people can actually date someone from the same office and enjoy the companion. One thing to ponder for office dating is whether is there any compatibility. If both has a different kinds of friends outside office, I believe the relationship can work. Otherwise, the couple is just together because of the same environment they are in.

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