Stall business run by a colleague

2:02:00 PM

Over the weekend, I saw a colleague of mine selling "kebab" and "nasi lemak" in front of SJMC, Subang. I messaged him, told that I saw him. Asked him what was he doing in front of SJMC. He said he's there helping his girlfriend selling kebab. "Wanna make some extra income laa bro. Just don't tell anyone". That's what he said.

Well, in the car, me and Miss was just curious. Why? What's wrong if other people knows he is selling food by the road side? Is it something wrong?

Well, maybe it will be shameful to him if others know. Someone who cares so much about status will definitely be embarrassed if others find out that they are doing all this small scale business. I was just doing a simple calculation. Just say if u have small stall business and it can generate RM500 per day, it will fetch RM 15000 per month man! That's for one stall only. How about if you have several stalls?

Small stall business might lack all those classiness criteria. You might be exposed to the heat, bad weather and harassment from the district municipal. Whatever it is, it brings cash. 

One thing that I learned, people nowadays think too much of status. Everyone wants to potray how rich they are with the car they drive, the house they stay and the clothes they wear. What's the point of having luxury in the eyes of other people but deep inside you are not what you are.

Humbleness is rare species nowadays.

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