Moving forward journey

12:00:00 PM

Yesterday I had a discussion with miss and found out that most of her friends congratulate her.

Why is that so? Is it because of my statement yesterday. Well, honestly, we are thinking of moving forward. Forward where? Just moving forward.

Honestly, I have never really like the idea of going to the whole process of getting married. Merisik, bertunang, nikah and the bersanding part. God! So many things to do and involve a lot of plannings.

My miss told me that if you love me, just go through all this and get it done. Well, ok-ok. I will follow through and act like a man. Sounds funny rite? 28 at the moment and scared of facing all this crap. Opps..It shouldn't be crap as it is a journey.

This is what I said yesterday. A moving forward journey.

to be continued...

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  1. drama king boooo! hahahah. chill lah. just get it done and over it. look at it as a fun thing.


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