Harimau Malaya spirit

4:13:00 PM

HOW MANY OF US HAVE THE Malaysian Football National jersey in our wardrobe? If we look at the statistics of Malaysian who watches or plays football, there are only a numbers who actually owns this jersey.

Last year, when Malaysia won the Asian Suzuki Cup, the sales of the jersey were outstanding until Nike had to re-produced them again to cater for the high rising demand. It's unexpected as most of us barely knows the name of the national players.

For me, I find it interesting to watch many young people wearing the national jersey these days. Thanks to Nike, the jersey actually looks pretty cool. Currently, the price of the jersey is only RM 199 which is RM 50 cheaper than the other jerseys in the Nike shops.

This move is to actually encourage more Malaysian to own this jersey. If our stadiums are filled with our own national jerseys, how nice can that be right? Fantastic!

As for today, I went to the Nike Shop in MidValley to get my own national jersey for the first time. I was relieved to know that there are still stocks for the jerseys. I am very much happy to finally own my own national jersey. Well, there are options where I can actually purchase the jersey at the price of RM 50 and below, sold in front of the stadiums. However, if I can buy Manchester Jersey at the price of RM 259, why can't I buy the original jersey? Think about it. It's not about the quality. Is about national pride.

From now onwards, I will ensure to follow the national football team as I believe this hopeful footballers needs some sort of support from their own fan. Without their own fan, it will be a sad journey for these players.

Negaraku, tanggungjawabku.

My country, my responsibility.

Apalah ertinya sukan tanpa peminat?

What is the meaning of sports without fans?

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