Women's Intuition

10:29:00 AM

Intuition is that feeling that you know something is not right, even without needing a solid proof on it. It's that sixth sense that God awards women with, for them to be extra sensitive and extra careful in surviving the world. It's intuition that tells you that your child may be in danger, without him/her being physically there in front of you. For all you know, it's that once that by following your guts that you have avoided yourself from being raped. It's also intuition that caught your partner cheating on you.

Intuition is also the reason that women act irrationally sometimes. Men on the other hand, think logically, and will only react towards something that is physically seen, something that is proven. We are often portrayed as crazy, for over-reacting on such small irrational things. But the thing is, we sometimes see things that you don't see: that small smirk the other girl has when talking to you, that eye contact that you avoid, that awkward conversation, etc.

It's hard to explain but sometimes, you just KNOW it, you can feel it in the air, you can sense the eerie feeling in your tummy. Furthermore, it has been proven many times in my case, that the instinct is most of the time right. (Note 'most of the time', NOT 'always')

It's okay to question yourself many times on certain situations because of your self-intuition. It guides you to make the right decision. Just don't decide/react there and then, emotionally and irrationally. When your instincts tell you something, try taking it in, think about it, then try to make some sense out of it. It is telling you something, but it isn't always right. We are, also known, for over-reacting - and over-reacting doesn't solve anything for sure.

So when you have self-instincts, give it some thought. Don't push it all away and blindly follow the head. Sometimes the heart tells you things that the head doesn't :)

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