The Truth about Casanovas

6:44:00 PM

I think Casanovas are men lack of self-confidence and self-satisfaction that they need women to make them feel good. There’s always something that is not enough, that they need to seek for more from others to make them feel good for themselves.

They cannot stand on their own and focus on their own life. They are very dependent – certainly not those independent men who can make firm decisions in life. They’re always confused with what they want. Sometimes I think they run away from problems by having girls around them – as a form of distraction. That is why, at the end of the day, they’re the ones who feel empty inside, no matter how many times they sleep with different women.

I think Casanovas are cowards and are not the type of people who think 3 or 4 steps ahead. They just look at short-term happiness. You start with one, you’re happy, then you start with the second, and third, all at the same time and then it gets messed up. And when that happens, you runaway (cowards!) by lying instead of standing up, being a man, and telling the truth. The truth is, you are a coward, because you are indeed, afraid of commitments.

Ladies, go and get yourself a true man.

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