Perspirex & Bobbi Brown Buffing Grains

11:42:00 AM

Today, I'd like to recommend readers to two beauty products that have shown marvelous results!

1. Perspirex Antiprespirant

This is embarrassing but I've had body odor ever since I was a kid! And it is usually due to underarm sweating. My late grandmother used to greet-kiss me everyday after school and she will always say "Eeeeeee...masamnya!" Heh.

So anyways. It is a nuisance. Something that you're born with. It also annoys me because sometimes it effects my confidence. I've tried using talcum powder - but it will only lasts a few hours. I've also tried Rexona - and I have to agree that it is the best deodorant out of all others in the market, but it will only last me half a day. Some products stops the odor but not the sweat. Some products stops the sweating but not the odor.

One day, I found Perspirex - my savior! Apply it every alternate 2 nights before going to sleep, and the next day, use your usual favourite choice of deodorant and it works like magic! LIKE MAGIC!

You can get them at any pharmacy here in Malaysia - I got mine at Guardian.
To those who share the same problem with me, worry no more!

2. Bobbi Brown Buffing Grain

These buffing grains are actually good material for face scrub. It's natural and good for sensitive skin. You can use them on its own after cleansing your face. Or you can put a 5cent amount on your palm and mix it with your liquid cleanser and tadaaa!  - you've got your own face scrub.

Since you only need a very small amount of it, it actually lasts pretty long. The other good thing about it is that you can control the different amount of grains at different areas of your face. Put more at areas which needs a lot of scrubbing (neck/nose/forehead) and less and a bit more sensitive areas (for me, cheek).

Go and ask for a sample first from any Bobbi Brown outlets and give it a try. You'll surely feel satisfied with the super smooth effect :D

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  1. sure ke perspirex ni elok ? mmg tak de langsung BO ke ? saya tanya ni sebab saya pon ade BO and sangat tak selesa bila dalam class :(

  2. sure..mmang xde langsung,bau,ataupn peluh...hdup sya kembali ceria dh...kt guardian ada jual..

  3. Dear Anon,

    Kalau tak silap, perspirex rm55 kat guardian.

  4. Dkt guardian mana ye ada jual? Sy dah carik kat semua tempat ths things babe

  5. I bought it from guardian bangsar, BSC.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. hi all... i just bought perspirex deodorant from rekuten website. masuk google, seach rakuten/caring. hope this info can help you guys. :)

  8. How much is the bottle of bobbi brown grains? :)

  9. How much is the bottle of bobbi brown grains? :)


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