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My very very close friend is getting married in 2 days! Last 2 weekends, me and 2 other girlfriends of mine celebrated her final few weeks of singlehood. We stayed over at Dorsett KL - thanks to mum's voucher, we only paid 1/3 of the whole cost - and we spent the weekend eating and karaoke-ing and gossiping and talking about the old days. 
Dinner at Kampachi, Pavilion KL - I've tasted better Japanese cuisine

L-R: Bride to be and Miss Dirah Edora
Jalan-jalan di Bkt Bintang

The Popular BB Chicken Rice
Miss Nisaa photographer
Bride to be - during spa manicure pedicure session.
How fast time flies. Suddenly everyone around me are getting married. Hope the friendship lasts even when we're all settled down with our families :)

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