'Tudung' issue

4:54:00 PM

Today marked the day where my gf finally decided to open her tudung. She's been wearing tudung for almost 5 months plus which is actually a good thing. People thought that she's been wearing tudung because of me which I know it was from her. Opps. I was wrong. I was partly the one that influenced her to wear tudung. Ok. It was an agreement. I stop smoking and she wears tudung. However, my quitting program only lasted for 3 months (Jan - Mac). So she actually wins in this case.

Today in the office, there are a few who just look at her as if they saw a zombie. Hey, what is wrong here? She didn't wear bikini to office. She just open up her tudung. One colleague even ask her " are u ok with him? U guys broken up?" Come on. I paused when I heard this. Must it always be like this? She answered "nolah. I just felt I am not ready". That's the right thing.

One thing to ponder. Everyone seems to be judgmental instead of being supportive. Maybe that's the Malay mentality. This is one of the reason why our Muslim sisters are worried when they want to wear the tudung. They might want to try to wear it and my open up again if they feel it's not the time. Society shouldn't be too harsh but instead be supportive.

We men always assume that tudung is just a tudung. Though it's compulsory for the women to cover up, it's not really easy. Here comes the word 'hidayah'. We must always pray for the best and may God open up the heart for us to be able to wear the tudung.

I wish my girlfriend all the best as tudung or not, you are still you. Care less about what people think as our society is full of hypocrites. One day, by God's will, u will wear tudung again. Amin.

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  1. I like this post. Doesn't matter what people say. We can't really stop people from talking. So, we just go on. What's in the heart that's important. Tudung or not, I still LOVE you ERINA! :p


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