Officially debt free!

10:15:00 PM

Fuhh....I paid $ 6k for my credit card today and I am officially free. Yeah! what a relief. From now onwards, it's all about using cash unless if I know I can pay back credit card without delaying it. Tomorrow onwards, cash will be the king. No money, no talk.

I had a phone call from HSBC on last week saying that they are offering me loan for my settlement. However, I told them that I don't need additional debts and I am paying off my debts using my bonus. So I am glad that I am finally debt free!! To hell with credit card. Oppss. I still haven't cancel it but I will keep it for business purposes this time. No more pleasure.

Lesson learn :
Rich people knows the value of the money and they will not spend unnecessarily. The poor and the average however, will spend as if they have the means to splurge. It's the credit card that has been the culprit all this while.

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