Men with Actions vs. Men with Words.

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When showing affection in relationships, men can generally be divided into:
1. Men with Actions
2. Men with Words

I have dated both kind of men and both has its pros and cons.

Men with Actions.
This kind of men shows their feelings through their actions. They hold your hands (if can, all the time!), they give you gifts, they appear at your doorstep for breakfasts, they bring you out for dates, throw you unexpected surprises, wakes you up in the morning. BUT, they rarely express their feelings. They don’t tell you how much you mean to them, and if so, maybe on occasions. You will rarely get compliments from them. They don’t tell you that they’re hurt or they’re jealous but they show it to you. When they’re angry, they show it by being cold towards you. Or by crossing their arms. When they’re happy, they show it by hugging you. Or by giving you kisses. They believe that by calling us up, it shows that they miss us. And they don’t say it. Most of the time, you will have to ask them on how they feel.

I noticed also, that these kind of men, have more of the testosterone hormones. They’re the macho ones, who find expressing feelings, a sissy thing to do. They usually have more brothers in their family, and are usually much closer to their dads.

Because these kind of men rarely express their feelings, when we tell them our feelings, they take it deeply. They remember every promises we make, they take our words seriously. Never say something you don’t mean, just because it sounds nice, they’ll take it straight to their hearts.

Men with Words
These are the kinds of men that expresses their feelings when in relationships. They're the sweet-talkers. Yes, who says sweet-talkers cannot be in serious relationships? :p

From the start, men with words, woo you through their words. Throughout the relationship, they do the same. They tell you that you look pretty, that you’re the most amazing girl in the world, and that you’re his princess. Sometimes they mean it, sometimes they don’t. But even when they don’t mean it, it’s always nice to hear, haha. They will call you up just to say that they love you, or that they miss you. But they will not be calling you often. Don’t expect them to make handmade cards for you, or propose you in the most romantic way. Don’t expect many surprises from them, because they will surprise you unexpectedly – in their cutest way. They tell you when they’re angry/hurt/jealous, they say sorry (this is precious), they send you random sweet text messages.

Because these kind of men rarely show their affection through actions, when you do something for them, it means the world to them. Even picking them up for a random supper session would mean something to them! Don’t bother so much in telling them that you love them more than the seas and the higher than the skies because they take words lightly. Vice versa; don’t put high hopes in their sweet promises.

As opposed to men with actions, these kind of men are usually very close to their mums. They usually have more sisters. No, they’re not sissy, but they are usually soft-hearted, manja, and has a reasonably amount of ego.

It’s not about which type of men loves us more or which ones are better. They just have different ways in showing their love. I think it's important to know your type of men, in order keep a considerable expectation and also to know the key in winning their hearts ;)

When dating a man with actions, his random ‘I love you’ and ‘I miss you’ would mean a lot to us. On the other hand, when dating a man with words, his random simple actions of ‘buying you ice-cream’ or ‘writing you a note’ means a lot. Like I said, both has its pros and cons.

So, which one is yours? Which type do you prefer? I have chosen mine and so far, still learning to adapt to expectations and loving the 'randoms' :D

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  1. nice one !!! did u actually study about it? and yeah, the part they don't keep promises is a lil bumped !

  2. I enjoy observing and analyzing people's characters. Heeeee ;)

  3. really now? studies have shown that a family with more male siblings tend to produce more effeminate (and sometimes homosexual), particularly in the younger brothers. besides, i think you can't categorise men in such a clean-cut manner. there are men who are good with words but are also able to act. and there are tree stumps that's good with neither.


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