Welcome back

4:38:00 PM

I just realised one big thing about me in 2011. Attitude. Attitude is a big thing in todays life as it can bring u up and bring u down at any time.

What is attitude that I am referring to? I have a dreams. multiple dreams. The sad part is I just let it be a dream instead of focusing it and try to make it a reality. I have been reading stuffs online about people who achieve something big in their life. Most of them are not born extraordinary of with silver spoon. They dream and have the desire to achieve something which other people have.
The reason why they can achieve something is because they have the attitude. A strong and positive attitude which lead them to where they are.

Someone like me, always wants to be spoon fed and will be angry/ emotional if things doesn't come as I command/ like. I complain and and just let the negative feelings/thoughts control my emotions. How is that helping me? God, thank you so much for letting me realize my mistake. It's not about others. It's just me who created obstacles in this life. Work, relationship, financial. 2011, is just a year where I realize my mistake which I never realize.

One old man once advise me " Be moderate in life. Surely you will achieve your dream." When I compare that statement and myself, I notice that I am just someone who is so extreme and excited about something without thinking long enough. I don't plan for success. I dream of success but never plan for it. One of the famous quote "Someone who don't plan, is planning to fail"

2011, is just a year where I will gather back my strength and plan for something better. No waiting and just do it. I have been slow in these few years and maybe God is finally giving me this opportunity to come back and be a champion which my beloved surroundings always said.

2012 is not about doomsday as the movie is, it's a bout me making a comeback. A historic comeback.

Welcome back. Cheers!

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