Why I Think Smokers are Selfish

3:23:00 PM

You smoke at public places without even bothering how your actions will affect others around you. Not just our health but also the smell of our hair/clothes. I hate how I have to shampoo my hair twice a day or wash my clothes even after wearing it for an hour, just because of your selfish actions.

Fathers smoking in front of their kids/wife are even more selfish.

We ALWAYS have to wait till you finish with your cigarettes.

Let’s say a group of friends just had dinner and we leave the restaurant, then we somehow have to linger around for smokers (usually boyfriends/husbands) to have their last chat while puffing one/two cigarettes. The minute the cigarette is finished, “Okay, that was a good dinner. Hope to see you around,” And all the while, we non-smokers (usually girlfriends/wives) have to stand with the rest and just wait.

Or let’s just say we’re having supper at a mamak stall. After a few teh tariks and a plate of maggi goreng, we still have to wait for your cigarette time. And I notice this all the time: the time to go home is when you’re done with your cigarettes.

Another example: We’re going for a roadtrip and we always need to have pit stops (every 30mins – 1 hr) just so you can have your ciggie break, while we all wait in the car.

Work/meetings sometimes get delayed just because you need to smoke.

Why do we always have to accommodate you?
Because when you don’t get your ciggie moment, you get all moody and stressed up. Yes, it’s all about you. You and your cigarettes.

And even when you’re all moody and stressed up, you can get away with it, just because you haven’t had your puff yet.

Allen Carr; the writer of the top seller ‘Easy Way of to Stop Smoking” wrote somewhere in his book that if a smoker is given an option between cigarette and wife, there is a high possibility that they may choose cigarette over wife. That’s how addicted he once was. Seriously? That selfish?

Just pointing out the truth here. If you’re a smoker, peace yo! Heeeeee. 

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  1. I like this post.
    I agree! Smokers are selfish.
    They not only endanger their lives when they smoke but also people around them.
    It really sucks especially when you had a good whole hour of exercising. Busuk kan... Time tu la badan kte rasa sihat, saje je nk spoil it all.. :p
    Take care Erin

  2. smoking is haram in islam. just to share.

  3. mir, u as usual, coming with conclusion from just one or two stories. try doing more research. a wider one. look for trustworthy muslim scholars.

  4. Hehehe I've never seen it from this view, but yes, you're right! The non-smokers would always have to accommodate time for the smokers. I chuckled at the road-trip example. Hehe there would always be pit stops made for the ciggie breaks kan.

    I'm so thankful my husband does not have smoking as a habit, and praying that none of us ever will, especially when we have children! InsyaAllah.

  5. Better to smoke cigarettes than grass, don't you think?



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