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We actually spend most of our daytime in the workplace. Like it or not, the environment in the office can affect our everyday moods and our character building. Those who have been working for quite sometime now will find that work is just another routine. As for me, who haven't even reached my 1 year anniversary of working, I find it very important to take these few initial years of my career to build myself and be on a steep learning curve.

I need to be able to learn from colleagues. I need to be hanging out with healthy cliques and stay away from the ones with diseases because diseases may spread. Surround ourselves with positive people and in no time, positivity will already be part of us. Avoid unnecessary dramas and gossips in the office. Keep it professional. 

I may have started my days here on the wrong foot but I'm slowly learning to adapt.  I do not wish to be part of anyone's personal issues and problems with themselves. 

Some things may have to change now onwards.

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