My Simplest Yet Wonderful Birthday Celebration

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On 15/4/11, I celebrated my birthday in the most laid back manner. For the past two years, it has been a disappointment. No celebration by my previous babe and from my friends. I was staying over at my friends place last year and complained during my stay there. Prior to my post birthday, I would like share a few things :

  • My parents (both side), my siblings and one of my auntie wished me. I guess the older I am, the more my parents is craving for love and attention. They are somehow worried that I won't be able to give them a continuous care and attention. Well mom and dad, don't worry. I am looking for a partner which can fit into the family accordingly and there should be less problem later on;
  • Most of the guys who wished me are the peeps that actually doesn't hang with me. It's nice to see these people take less than 30 seconds to wish me via Facebook. Well, I am not an attention seeker like some of my colleagues mentioned, I am just someone who has interest in human study ( relationship among human). Some of my colleagues didn't wish me even though they know today it's my birthday.;
  • My current woman tried to create a surprise which didn't go the way she planned. I wonder. A simple plan to surprise someone ain't that hard to do actually. In this case, she called my house mate for a birthday surprise. However, he didn't manage to stick to the plan as I told him that night that I am going out. He just said don't come back late though. Anyway, I am not angry at all as I consider my house mate just a house mate. Same goes to other people, you don't need to expect a lot from other people during birthday as they might not even think about you;
  • I used to complain. Complain about everything. Even as for now I still complain once in a while. I don't see myself as a problem. Well, maybe I'm too much into myself and I can't accept criticism. Well, I am 28 this year and I have faced a lot of things in 2010 and the previous years. Complaining won't bring us any good significant. A good way to redeem the lost years are by speeding up the recovery process. Some people can be doing the same thing and being discipline all their life. We only live once in life. God created heaven and hell. God give us the freedom to do whatever we wish to do. When I analyze myself, I see myself progressing and this year should be a far better year. I just need to control my emotions and my reaction towards people. Different people will have different judgement. Good or bad, remain neutral with all. I will try my best not to be to close with someone except girlfriend, family and close friends. By implementing this, I can create a "new me."
  • My birthday, my style . It was my birthday and I stay awake by not showering for 48 hours. How's that? I went out with my girlfriend not bathing. She didn't say anything though. Cool. I don't plan anything on my birthday. I don't expect anything. Kill off the expectation as I don't want to have the same 2010 celebration again. Movie, dinner with friends and karaoke besides playing PS3 and having conversation between my old Klang buddies was something which I would prefer and for it to happen, it's such a dream. 2012, I am sure one of my close buddy will be married and for us to gather like a bachelor will be a no-no.
  • Age is just a number. I guess I don't celebrate birthday may be associated to my lack of personal achievement and small contacts. I am targeting by end of 2012, I will be able to improve on myself. Career wise, relationship, savings and personal achievement. A dreamer is someone who shares his dream with people and not doing anything. A sober dreamer will turn their dream to reality by visualizing it as a real thing. I faced a lot of criticism from peers due to talk but no action. My biggest achievement was able to stop smoking for 3 months. However, I am back to smoking again due to stress reason. However, I believe I will make an attempt to quit again soon. Maybe in less than a month time.
  • I would take my birthday as my full year own KPI year. Set my own targets and see the result during next year birthday. Guess that's more realistic. Apply the same concept as in the office and apply in real life. I used to wish what I want to do without showing the plan and progress report. Ok, I believe its a bout time by now. Have a set of life KPI's and set realistic target. Duration of the KPI's is on the next year birthday. Simple and not hard to follow I believe.
  • Words are golden. Speaks when necessary. The more you talk, the more you expose your vulnerability and mistakes. It's better to remain friendly but limit the conversation if possible. Talk when necessary and yiu are confident enough with the other person.
  • The people who are closes to you is your enemy. Enemies in different kind of categories. Look around your friends/ families and I believe there's a lot of enemies in a different manner.
  • People who has inferiority complex will suffer from attention and what they do is to talk about something negative all the time. They have a tendency to attack someone who is closes to them so that person won't steal the limelight from him/her. In order to overcome this issue, problem should be addresses. If he or she is not willing to accept and admit the mistakes, then, proceed with other friends. Don't let that person control you emotionally as the goal from him/her is to show that there is no such happiness in life.
  • Politics exists anywhere. In office for instance, a good employee who tend to stay long in tend to stay long in the organization will not join any groups. They will try their best to be equal and neutral without showing any sort of groupiness. Staff who suck up to boss, will tend to get the unwanted attention from other colleagues. Dangerous as people will work together to bring you down. Be yourself and play the card right. Simple.
Conclusion is, appreciate the existence of you by celebrating your birthday. God created each individuals for a reason. Think and study about owns creation while trying the best to be in good terms with other peeps.

p/s: Thanks to my dear for taking a lot of efforts in making me happy. Your honesty is showed when u smile

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