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I wonder why do I fail in reaching my goals. What is wrong. To list down all the wrong things, I assume it will be a lot actually. Some how rather, I managed to notice one thing which is the highest culprit of all of the reasons.


Delays is the culprit of achieving our desired goals. Consequences of delays are:-

1. Will not be able to reach datelines;

2. No result; and

3. Waste of time and goals set up

Having goals is important in life but without any discipline, goals are just goals. People tend to focus more on planning, executing , organizing etc. when reaching for the goals. How long can someone really maintain the drive and persistence in us? I assume 10 - 20 % out of the total goal setter.

Comes New Year, we tend to see many people who will set goals (new years resolution). Every year there will be new goals. However, looking back at he goals, have we noticed that some of the goals are actually the same goals from previous goals? Most common goals will be :

1. Planning to quit smoking;

2. Get rid of debts (credit cards or any other debts);

3. Planning to settledown;

4. Planning to slim down ( this is so common and yet every year people will still put this in their goal setting) ;

5. and the list go non stop from here.

If we look at item number 4 especially, why does this goal being repeated every year? Something related to this goal:-

a. Gymming;


c. Discipline;

d. Monitoring result

If we stick to all that, we shouldn't be worry about getting the result. However, have we ever wonder what happen if we delay the process? e.g. delay going to gym? delay of dieting? All this delay will lead to laziness in keeping fit and will eventually delay the process of slimming down.

I have been having this "delay problem attitude" since forever and since I have noticed about this problem, I will ensure there won't be anymore set backs to my goals. Am targeting 2011 to be the first year where I will eventually reach my goals by deleting the "love to delay attitude" in my life dictionary.

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